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How To Multiply a Home's Entertainment Enjoyment Factor

Those who are dedicated to "going green" have lots of ways of furthering the cause, one of which is moving activities outside. On a warm summer day, for example, rather than staying indoors with the air conditioning whirring away at full blast, retreating to the confines of a well-ventilated, covered porch, patio or screen room can provide an enjoyable alternative that saves energy too.

There are many ways to turn an outdoor environment into a comfortable and inviting living space. Since 2008, Lone Star Patio Builders has been instrumental in providing high quality construction upgrades to customers throughout the Lone Star State, with major service areas including the Greater Houston area as well as San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and areas in between. Specialties include construction of covered patios, covers for existing patios, screen rooms, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and arbors/pergolas.

Lone Star Patio Builders is totally dedicated to providing the utmost level of quality in home improvement projects, including remodeling efforts such as new siding or replacement windows, although they are best known for their work involved in taking an outdoor area that may see very little use and turning into something truly special. Whether a simple garden or pool addition to make those areas more user friendly or the addition of a large backyard covered patio area including a full service kitchen, they can add to a home's function, utility and increase the enjoyment factor for entertaining many times over.

Looking for a Green Overseas Shipping Solution?

The emergence of AIS Vessel Tracking services has allowed business owners to monitor vessel and terminal activities 24/7. Companies like PortVision help their users improve efficiency and reduce costs by providing an intuitive real-time vessel monitoring system. AIS tracking services enhance safety and security and sometimes inform clients which ships use renewable energy. The ability to track ships is essential for business owners, but beyond that, ais data can give insight into greener shipping options.

Metal An Excellent Choice For Green Roofing

For green professionals, metal roofing solutions and components are just starting to realize their potential.

Houston-based metal roofing manufacturer Whirlwind Steel Buildings has collaborated on interesting, high-profile projects using cool metal roofing and providing significant energy savings.

Blue Sky Sports Center in Allen, Texas, is a public/private project holding two indoor soccer fields, basketball court, offices, video game arcade and offices. Its concrete tilt-wall structure joins two buildings, both of which have 26-gauge metal roofing panels.

The firm's Whirlwind Solar division installed an integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar laminate system on a home for University of Louisiana architecture professor Corey Saft to meet stringent Passive House energy requirements. The installation of cool metal roofing has reduced energy usage by 90% over traditional homes. It stands as a prototype for affordable zero-energy housing in the most energy-demanding region of the United States.

Solar Panel Kits Prove To Be Worthy Investments

Have you considered adding solar panels to your home's design but are worried that they are too expensive or time consuming to install? Let us here, at the Institute Of Green Professionals, show you just how much you'll actually be saving by utilizing solar power.

As far as the installation, solar kits make the process much easier for the DIY homeowner. Not handy at all? Professional solar installers get the job done for you.

We're not going to try and convince you that integrating solar panels into the structure of your home is cheap. The benefits, however, outweigh the costs. Not only are you conserving nonrenewable resources, you are moving farther and farther away from having to depend on them. Their price will continue to go up. The sun, on the other hand, will continue to offer its energy for free.

Boston Homes Go Green

Boston real estate is definitely going green and, as evidence, agencies are springing up that focus on strictly green Boston houses and they are marketing these green Boston homes for sale as the best and most efficient living alternatives. Eco-friendly sustainability is becoming a priority throughout the city and Boston Houses that measure up to new green standards are finding favor with prospective new house buyers.

Boston is home to the nation's largest annual environmental festival, Boston GreenFest, which is endorsed by the city government and is a huge, yearly multicultural activity. The enlightened population of historic Boston is taking an active, visible role in promoting a green future for the city and the planet.

Finding the best Boston houses for sale has always included factors such as neighborhood, nearby schools, transportation, parks, hospitals, churches, etc. These days, adhering to green standards is becoming a major selling point for prospective buyers.

How To Recycle Demolition Materials

Going green in San Diego is becoming more a matter of an ingrained habit than a conscious choice. This fact is actually good for all because there is no thinking twice about putting recyclables into containers from a company like Waste Management of San Diego.

Waste Management of San Diego is more than just trash collection. They are also heavily involved in recycling, for good reasons. Landfills are not infinite and the costs of finding suitable sites is not cheap. Recycling materials keeps the volume in the fills down and provides a profit stream by re-selling the raw materials.

Construction sites are an excellent source of recyclable materials. Concrete can be used as clean fill and wood has many uses in another form, such as shavings or wood pulp. So don't forget to look into dumpster rentals for recycling demolition materials.

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